Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Jesus comes to earth and chooses his disciples

Chapter 2

Jesus performs his first miracle, then goes to Jerusalem and drives the merchants out of the temple

Chapter 3

A Rabbi learns from Jesus what it means to be born again

Chapter 4

A Samaritan woman is taught by Jesus that believing in him brings eternal life

Chapter 5

Jesus heals a lame man, then teaches that he is the source of true life

Chapter 6

Jesus and his teaching that he is the bread of life

Chapter 7

Opposition against him continues to rise

Chapter 8

Jesus tells the religious authorities that although the claim to be the children of Abraham they are really the children of the devil

Chapter 9

A man who was born blind is healed by Jesus and involved in a discussion with the Jewish leaders regarding whom Jesus really is

Chapter 10

Jesus teaches that he is good shepherd but the Jewish authorities do not believe and plan to kill him

Chapter 11

A dead man, Lazarus is raised from the grave by Jesus

Chapter 12

Jesus enters Jerusalem on a donkey and the people proclaim him to be the Messiah

Chapter 13

Jesus washes the feet of his disciples as an example of the humble relationship they are to have with one another

Chapter 14

Jesus promises that when he leaves them, the Holy Spirit will come to them as a Helper

Chapter 15

The relationship between Jesus and his disciples is illustrated by a vine and its branches

Chapter 16

When the Holy Spirit comes he will convict the world, and the disciples grief will be turned into joy

Chapter 17

Jesus prays on the night before his betrayal and crucifixion

Chapter 18

Jesus is tried before the Jewish authorities and then before Pilate

Chapter 19

The crucifixion, death, and burial of Jesus

Chapter 20

Jesus rises from the dead and appears several times to his disciples

Chapter 21

The final scenes in the life of Jesus here on earth